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Sinoneo Magnets Co., Ltd.

Address:Cicheng Industrial Zone,Ningbo,China(315000)

Suzhou Office: No.580,Hengtong Road,Suzhou,China(215000) 

Contact Person :Mr.Allen Wong
Tel : +86-159 0650 8736 
        +86-574-8266 2105

Fax : +86-574-8664 3525

Email: sales@sinoneo.com   glenwon@gmail.com
Website: www.sinoneo.com    http://sinomagnet.en.made-in-china.com   
Note : Please give us your detailed information including: name of your company, name of the person whom we can contact with, telephone number, address and your website if you have, otherwise we will not reply to your E-mail.

The following is our work time (based on Beijing Time):
A.M. 8:30---12:00
P.M. 13:00---17:30
From Monday to Friday.
On Saturday, we only have a half-day (A.M. 9:00---11:30) work. And we will have a day off on Sunday.
Thank you for your paying attention to it!!!

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SINONEO MAGNETS is specialized in designing, manufacturing and exporting neodymium magnets and permanent magnetic assemblies.Having expertise produced and designed magnetic products for more than 10 years.


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  • No.580,Hengtong Road,Suzhou,China(215000)
  • Tel:+86-159-0650 8736
  • sales@sinoneo.com
  • http://www.sinoneo.com

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Add:No.580,Hengtong Road,Suzhou,China(215000)

Tel:+86-159-0650 8736 Fax :+86-574-8664 3525 Email:sales@sinoneo.com glenwon@gmail.com

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