In order to protect the magnets well and offer convenience for customer’s application and shipping, we have the special request for the packing:


1)      If our customers have not the special request on the packing, we will pack them with neutral package.

2)      We will pack the magnets with the carton with size of 35x26x14cm, and the gross weight of each carton must be less than 20Kgs.

3)      As for the small and middle size of NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo magnets, we will pack them with a small box before we pack them with carton. As for the big size of NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo and all of Ferrite magnets, we will pack them with paper, then put them into the carton.

4)      In order to separate the magnets easily, for the middle or bigger size of NdFeB, SmCo and AlNiCo magnets, we will put a plastic spacer between magnets. For the big Ferrite magnets, we will put a carton spacer between the magnets.

5)      If the magnets with magnetization will be shipped by air, we will insert the iron sheet into the carton to shield it.

6)      As for the sea shipment, to avoid missing cartons, we will put the carton onto the plastic pallet or plywood pallet. The normal size of the pallet is 110cm x110cm.

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