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SinoNeo Magnets is China’s flexible rubber magnet strip manufacturer with superior holding power for widely used stationary, household, water-tight appliances.

Model : NEO-F04
Price :
Productivity: : 1000 Tons/Year
Country of Origin : China
MOQ : Any quantities are avaible to order
Payment : T/T.Cash.Western Union etc
Transportation : By sea to seaport,By air to airport,By air express

Flexible magnet strip

Flexible Magnetic Strips and Custom Profile are thermoplastic permanent magnetic Extrusions. It can provide superior holding power and widely used in stationery, household appliance, water-tight appliance. According to its magnetic property, it is divided into anisotropic and isotropic; according to its magnetization way, it is divided into surface magnetization and penetration magnetization (longitudinal, transverse and bilateral).

1 .Used in door sealing for refrigerator and bathroom

magnetic strip       rubber magnet strips


SpecificationPoleL(mm)W(mm)Appealing iron weight per 0.4 mm
plastic surface(g)
Br (Gs)

2. Extruded strip magnet-flat profile(adgesive backed) magnet to magnet applications

The 12.5mm extrusion Mag "A" and Mag "B" allows perfect alignment or mating between profiles
The two separate 12.5mm Mag "A" will perfectly align/mate to the 2.5m Mag "B" profile
The magnet to magnet applications are most useful for fixing of posters and graphics in display systems.
In addition to Mag "A"/Mag"B", other types of self aligning systems can be manufactured on request.

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3. Extruded strip magnet-flat profile(adhesive backed)magnet to steel application/used in window screen

Satin white steel strip comes in 30metre rolls. It is extremely useful for work in magnet systems where there is no convenient steel/ferrous mating surface. As magnet to steel adhesion does not perfectly align/mate steel strip can be very useful to mount posters etc. on out-of-square frames.

Steel Strip (mm)

Steel Width




Foam backed





A popular application of steel strip/magnet application in Europe is holding double glazing frames to wooden window frames. This could equally apply in Africa to hold mosquito netting frames to wooden/aluminum window frame.          

4. Adhesive Magnet Strips

Made of rubber magnet strip coated with adhesive, accordance with Quality/Safety Certifications: ISO9001, MSDS

Features of Adhesive Magnet Strips:

1) Sizes: 12.7 x 1.5, 12.5 x 1.5, 19 x 1.5, 25.4 x 1.5 mm
2) Different lengths according to the customer
3) Property: isotropic and anisotropic
4) Chinese Adhesive, Tessa, 3M, as well as other adhesive for options

5. C-profile Magnet strip

Size: 10x1,15x1,20x1,25x1,30x1,40x1,50x1 available, the different sizes could be customized as requested.
Length: 30 or 50 meters per roll, Different lengths according to the customer
Property: Isotropic
Magnetization: single side and multi-poles

6. Magnetic strips used in shower room sealing

The leading manufacturer of flexible rubber magnet strips
Sinoneo offers flexible magnetic strips; the best in the industry. If you are looking for magnetic strips for household use or commercially for water tight appliances, we are your right source.
We deal with flexible custom magnetic strips for sealing the doors in refrigerators and bathrooms, for magnet to magnet application, magnet to steel application, for window screen, as adhesives and for sealing shower rooms.
Sinoneo offers flexible magnetic strips as individual pieces or as rolls. Experienced staff members, well managed working environment and most importantly the expertise of being in this trade since a number of years helps us in providing magnetic strips of custom configuration to the clients. And it is because of this we have an unparallel presence and recognition in the market.
Products are always custom. You can place your order any time of any requirement. Fast product delivery by airways and seaways. Safe and convenient payments options are available.
Place your order today via phone call (+86-159-0650 8736) or email (sales@sinoneo.com). While placing orders do not forget to mention the product model.

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