Magnetic Separator

Sinoneo Magnet produces Magnetic Separator which is widely used in food industry, Chemical industry, foodstuff industry, medicament feedstuff industry.

Model : NEO-S01
Price :
Productivity: : 1000PCS/MONTH
Country of Origin : China
MOQ : Any quantities are avaible to order
Payment : T/T,Western Union,
Transportation : By sea,by air,by express
 Magnetic filter bar can get rid off iron matter on liquor. It was widely used in food industry, Chemical industry, foodstuff industry, medicament feedstuff industry and so on. The magnetic strength can be higher than 11, 000 gauss. SS casing is 316L tubes. Size and length of the magnetic bar can be produce as your requiement.

Component Part:Strong permanent magnetic tubes fixed onto a framework. When anything containing iron/steel substances passes through the framework, the iron/steel substances will attach thenselves onto the wall of the tubes. As a result, your equipment and facilities will be safe and sound, and your products will be saf for consumption. 

Application: Model PMGL magnetic filters may apply in medicines, sanitation, textile, machinery and foodstuffs. The filer will attract iron/steel substances away from liquids, from among grains or powders. 

Normal Size:
Dia25x350m m

Size, length and shape: Size and length of the magnetic tubes, and shape of the framework also will vary at your request. 

Surface gauss value:
8000 gauss,
9000 gauss,
10, 000 gauss
11, 000 gauss
12, 000 gauss

Working Temp:
80 degree Centigrade
100 degree Centigrade
120 degree Centigrade
180 degree Centigrade
200 degree Centigrade


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Permanent and electromagnetic separators are available at Sinoneo. We provide the best quality in the industry.

Sinoneo magnetic separators are being widely used in chemical industries, pharmaceutical sectors, food and beverage industry, sanitation purpose and textile industries. Whether you need them for separating iron metals from grains or powders or you need to bring out stuck iron within any framework, our products will do the needful for you.

Since our establishment we have been dominating the market of magnets and magnetic products in China and have not suffered any setback. Customer satisfaction has remained the prime objective of our business services and we have been abiding to it since we started the venture.

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