SmCo Rare earth Magnet

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Model : NEO-SM05
Price :
Productivity: : 200 Tons/Year
Country of Origin : China
MOQ : 500PCS
Payment : T/T,Western Union,
Transportation : By sea,by air,by express

SmCo Magnet   
SmCo magnet is a high performance low temperature coefficient permanent magnet made of samarium and cobalt and other rare earth elements. Sm-Co magnets can be operated at higher temperature up to 300 C. Sm-Co materials come in energy products from 16 MGOe up to 33 MGOe. Their high resistance to demagnetizing influences and excellent thermal stability has ensured Sm-Co as the premium choice for the most demanding motor applications.


  • Excellent thermal stability

  • High magnetic properties

  • Good corrosion resistance

  • High resistance to demagnetization


  • Difficult to machine

  • Expensive material (cobalt is market price sensitive)

Application of Samarium Cobalt Magnets

  • Sensors

  • Magnetic couplings

  • High performance motors

  • Magnetic separators     

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