Who we are?

Sinoneo Magnets Co., Ltd is a professional  manufacturer of  all kinds of magnets and magnetic assemblies in East China,with convenient transportation access offered by the nearby international air and sea ports.And it's in the flourishing economic area of the Yangze River Delta,the geographic position is superior.

As specialized producer  of magnetic materials and magnet assembly,we can supply:
Magnetic Material:NdFeB Magnets,Ferrite Magnets,
SmCo Magnets,Ceramic Magnets ,AlNiCo Magnets,Flexible Rubber Magnets,Magnetic Powder,Magnetic Strip,Magnetic Sheet,Magnetic Roll, Daily Use Magnets

Magnetic Assembly: Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Pot, Magnetic Filter, Magnetic Chuck, Magnetic Bar, Magnetic Catcher ,Magnetic Attractor, Magnetic Fuel Saver, Magnetic Gas Saver,Multi-Use Magnets Suit, Magnetic Hooks, Magnetic Door Catcher, Magnetic Door Stopper, Magnetic Hitch Aligner,Magnetic Tray,Magnetic Bowl Set,Magnetic Jewellery Clasp,Magnetic Thumbtacks,Magnetic Ruler ,Educational Magnet, Magnetic Floating Globe,Magnetic Toys.


These products are applicable for use in loudspeakers, telephone receivers, toys, medical apparatus and instruments, decorative magnets, meters, stationery, magnetizers, all kinds of motors, and so on.


With our high quality products, competitive price and professional experience in magnet industry,we have export to North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Mid East, Oceania, Africa.


If you are looking for a high quality product,reasonable price and total magnetic solutions-engineering assistance,Sinoneo Magnets is your best choice.

Our goal is to become a highly dependable source for all your magnetic needs.

We want to join in hands with every cooperator to proceed together and make our beautiful future.


Our Mission:


Enhancing quality for survival

Improving management for efficiency

Being innovative for growth


What we do ?

We take your enquiries, possibly either drawings or samples and then produce right-quality parts from them that meet your specifications. After that we deliver the products to your required destination. 

We respects all of the details in your enquiries. The quoted price you receive from us is your final cost-no hidden charges!

How it works ?

1. You send your inquiry to us by E-mail or fax, providing material specifications and the approximately purchase quantity.

2. We quote your project and email or fax the quote back to you, usually in just one or two days.

3. Once the price is agreed on and you need to place your order, we usually shall provide samples for your approval before we start the mass production.

4. We produce samples for your approval. You will receive the samples, including inspection reports for your inspection.

5. After you approved the samples, we start production of your order and it usually takes 10 days to produce an order.

6. Throughout the entire production process we execute a strict inspection regime. See our quality control procedures for complete details.

7. Upon order completion there are several levels of final inspection: First, factory submits a QC report. Secondly, our Q.C. engineers prepare a final QC report, inspecting a large sample of parts at the factory. Finally, A random sample of the parts are delivered to our office to undergo a strict third inspection. Only then — if everything is in spec — your order will be packed and shipped to you. We will not knowingly ship you any parts that do not meet your specifications. 

Payment Terms 

Terms are “western union” or “wire transfer”. You make payment to us to our bank in Ningbo, China. 

Why Our Clients Choose Us?

We manage the factory in Ningbo, China and we also cooperate with the good selected factories in our area, which have passed strict quality control systems and always competes for your business with competitive pricing, high quality and fast service. We always provide our clients high quality products at low price and we help them to reduce their business costs!

We have well trained and experienced engineers, Q.C. inspectors and full time staff working very hard in China to ensure our best quality and perfect service.

Our clients benefit not only from our thorough experience at manufacturing site but from our reliability, because our clients do not have to evaluate new and unknown suppliers themselves, they save time, money and energy and they can get all right products at the right prices only from Sinoneo Magnets.

Our engineers can take clients' design concept from dream to reality. They also can help them modify existing designs to make them more applicable, efficient and cost effective.

Unnecessary worrying about quality, pricing and reliability we help our clients concentrate on developing their business and serving their customers.

Contact us now to learn more about why you should choose us.