The magnetic material mainly divided into two major catalories: soft magnetic material and hard magnetic material.Soft magnetic material includesilicon steel sheet and   soft magnetic core,Hard magnetic material include Alnico ,SmCo and NdFeB is so cheap,Concerning ,For those magnet,The NdFeB magnet possess Alnico magnetof high performance,The SmCo magnet is most expensive in magnetic materails and the Ferrite magnet ,who is possess of stable performance and nice temperature coefficient. Many customers have different requests with magnet,Which we can in accoding to our clients requirements to   produce different products

 Material typeAdvantageDisadvantageApplications
 Soft magnetic ferrite
At the Weak magnetic field, easy magnetization, easy Demagnetization.wide applications,low cost.


All kinds of  inductor
   Ferrite Permanent magnet Material
  Abundant of raw materials,low cost
  Low magnetic properties
  Mainly used in Motor industry,Audio,  communications, household appliance,and so o
Alnico Permanent magnet material
It's characterized by excellent temperature stability, high residual induction, relatively high energies and resistant to corrosion.It needn’t coating.
General High cost
It has been used in a wide application in the following fields: Electron, Machinery, Communication, Transportation, Energy & Medical Device, Office Automation, and Auto Mobile Industry. It is also widely applied in high stability fields as aviation, spaceflight, and military technology. 
SmCo Permanent magnet material
Possess of high magnetic properties, excellent thermal stability and resistant to corrosion. It needn't to be coated and the max working temperature up to 350 'C
High cost  
Mainly used in Motors,Instruments,Sensors,Engine,and high technology field.
Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material
Possess of   high coercive force, high energy product ( 8 MOe~64MOe ) and high performance/ cost-effectiv.  
It ’ s easily oxidized,who need to surface treatment.The working temperature is so low,Cerrently,Which the max working temperature up to 230 ℃ .
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance,Sensor, Aerogenerator, voice coil motors (VCM), step motors, geared down motors, Instruments and so on.