Sintered NdFeB Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Overview

1532335208600065.jpg NdFeB magnet is mainly made of Neodymium Iron and Boron,with excellent magnetic property abundant raw material and reasonable prices,
NdFeB Magnet can be used as an ideal magnet in mini-motor Permanent magnetic resonance sound device magnetic suspension system,magnetic transmission machine and iatrical apparatus and etc.

For NdFeB,its surface is usually treatd with some special methods.The surface treatment method include Zine Nickel Tin Silver Gold plating Phosphor and Spray Epoxy Resin etc. 

Sintered NdFeB Rare Earth Magnet is a kind of functional material that is necessary for basic industry and frontier science. In order to keep up with the rapid developing trend of NdFeb rare earth magnets production and application in the world, the factory backed by its year's professional experience and convenient well-situated facility, continuously promotes the development and production in the field.

Wide Applications

With its excellent magnetic property, abundant raw material and reasonable prices, rare-earth permanent magnet can be used as an ideal magnet in mini-motor, permanent-magnet instrument,electronic industry, auto industry, petro-chemical industry,nuclear magnetic resonance,sound device, magnetic suspension system, magnetic transmission machine and magnetotherapy apparatus etc.

NdFeB Magnets Chemical Composition:

Chemical analysis for sintering NdFeB magnets material based on intermetallic compounds RE2Fe14B,main composition is NdFeB magnet is (RE), (Fe) (B),thereinto thulium (Nd), in order to obtain different performance can instead by thulium of (Dy),(Pr) etc. also other metal can instead Fe,for example (Co), (Al) etc., smaller content of boron, but it affect tetragonal crystal intermetallics, making the intermetallics with high magnetization,uniaxial anisotropy and curie temperature.

NdFeB Magnets Making Process:

NdFeB magnet use Powder Metallurgy Process, proportion of material such as: neodymium, dysprosium, iron, cobalt, niobium, praseodymium, aluminum, iron, and boron etc., through Mid-frequency Induction Furnace smelting to alloy steel ingot, then broken into power of 3~5um,and forming mold in magnetic field, the green bodies sintering dense and tempering in Vacuum Sintering Furnace, that can earn magnetic properties of blank of permanent magnet. After grinding, drilling, cutting and other processing, last via surface finish, it is good NdFeB magnet.

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Magnetic Properties of Sintered NdFeB Magnet

GradeRemanenceMagnetic InductioIntrinsic CoercivityMax Magnetic Energy ProductMaximum Working Temperature≤
Br ( KG)Br (T)Hcb (KOe)Hcb (KA/m)Hcj (KOe)Hcj (KA/m)(BH)max(MGOe)(BH)max(KJ/m³)


N35≥11.8 ≥1.18 ≥10.8≥860≥12≥9603733295263N≤80
N38≥12.3 ≥1.23 ≥10.8≥860≥12≥9603936310287
N40≥12.7 ≥1.27 ≥11.0≥876≥12≥9604138327302
N42≥13.0 ≥1.30 ≥11.0≥876≥12≥9604340343320
N45≥13.3 ≥1.33 ≥11.0≥876≥12≥9604642366335
N48≥13.7 ≥1.37 ≥10.5≥836≥12≥9604945390358
N50≥14.0 ≥1.40 ≥10.5≥836≥12≥9605147406374
N35M≥11.8 ≥1.18 ≥10.8≥860≥14≥11143733295263M≤100
N38M≥12.3 ≥1.23 ≥11.0≥876≥14≥11143936310287
N40M≥12.7 ≥1.27 ≥11.5≥915≥14≥11144138327302
N42M≥13.0 ≥1.30 ≥11.8≥939≥14≥11144340343320
N45M≥13.3 ≥1.33 ≥12.0≥956≥14≥11144642366335
N50M≥14.0 ≥1.40 ≥12.5≥995≥14≥11145147406374
N33H≥11.4 ≥1.14 ≥10.6≥844≥17≥13503531279247H≤120
N35H≥11.8 ≥1.18 ≥10.8≥860≥17≥13503733295263
N38H≥12.3 ≥1.23 ≥11.0≥876≥17≥13503936310287
N40H≥12.7 ≥1.27 ≥11.5≥916≥17≥13504138327302
N42H≥13.0 ≥1.30 ≥11.8≥940≥17≥13504340343320
N45H≥13.3 ≥1.33 ≥12.0≥955≥17≥13504642366335
N48H≥13.6 ≥1.36 ≥12.2≥971≥17≥13504945390358
N33SH≥11.4 ≥1.14 ≥10.6≥844≥20≥15923531279247SH≤150
N35SH≥11.8 ≥1.18 ≥10.8≥860≥20≥15923733295263
N38SH≥12.3 ≥1.23 ≥11.0≥876≥20≥15923936310287
N40SH≥12.6 ≥1.26 ≥11.5≥916≥20≥15924138327302
N42SH≥12.9≥1.29 ≥11.8≥940≥20≥15924340343320
N45SH≥13.2≥1.32 ≥12.0≥955≥20≥15924642366335
N48SH≥13.6 ≥1.36 ≥12.2≥971≥20≥15924945390358
N33UH≥11.4 ≥1.14 ≥10.6≥844≥25≥19903531279247UH≤180
N35UH≥11.8 ≥1.18 ≥10.8≥860≥25≥19903733295263
N38UH≥12.3 ≥1.23 ≥11.0≥876≥25≥19903936310287
N40UH≥12.6 ≥1.26 ≥11.5≥916≥25≥19904138327302
N42UH≥12.9≥1.29 ≥11.8≥940≥25≥19904340343320
N45UH≥13.2≥1.32 ≥12.0≥955≥25≥19904642366335
N48UH≥13.6 ≥1.36 ≥12.2≥971≥25≥19904945390358
N30EH≥10.8 ≥1.08 ≥9.50≥756≥30≥23883228255223
N33EH≥11.4 ≥1.14 ≥10.6≥844≥30≥23883531279247
N35EH≥11.8 ≥1.18 ≥10.8≥860≥30≥23883733295263
N38EH≥12.3 ≥1.23 ≥11.0≥876≥30≥23883936310287
N40EH≥12.6 ≥1.26 ≥11.5≥916≥30≥23884138327302
N42EH≥12.9≥1.29 ≥11.8≥940≥30≥23884341343320
N45EH≥13.2≥1.32 ≥12.0≥955≥30≥23884642366335
N30TH≥10.8 ≥1.08 ≥9.50≥756≥35≥27863228255223TH≤220
N33TH≥11.4 ≥1.14 ≥10.6≥844≥35≥27863531279247

1.     The above-mentioned data of magnetic parameters are given at room temperature.

2.     The above-mentioned grades are our basic grade. We also have T (for instance 35SHT, etc.) and L-T (for instance L-38SHT, etc.) series grades which are derived from these basic grades. The main properties of the derived grades are corresponding to those of the basic grades.

3.      The max working temperature,which the sampling specification(Permanent Magnet:φ10×7) to heat up to the regular temperature for lay of long time(general 1000H.).   Then take this sampling to cooling attained  room temperature.The irreversible loss of magnetic flux is less than 5%,This max keep temperature definiteness which is the permanent material should be acception by the max temperature. The sign:Tw,The unit:K or ℃

The maximum working temperature of magnet is changeable due to grade, operating point, coating and environmental factors.

Physical Properties of Sintered NdFeB Magnets

Temp.Coeff.of Br -0.11%/ °C Temp.Coeff.of Hc -0.60%/ °C
Density 7.3-7.5g/cm 3 Electrical Resistivity 114 .cm
 Vickers Hardness 600Hv Flexural Resistivity 25kg/mm
Tensile Strength 8.0Kg/mm2  Coeff. Of Thermal Expansion 4X10 -6 / °C
Specific Heat 0.12Kcal/Kg Thermal Conductivity 7.7kcal/[m.h. °C
Young ¡s Modulus 1.6X10[11]N/m2 Rigidity 0.64N/m2
Poisson¡¯s Ratio 0.24  Compressibility 9.8x10-12m2/N
Curie Temperature 310-340 °C


SizeOuter Diameter/LengthInner diameter/WidthThickness

Neo Magnets, Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (SM-N93)


Neo Magnets, Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (SM-N93)


Neo Magnets, Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (SM-N93)


Neo Magnets, Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets (SM-N93)

Segment, Arc and other irregular shapes can be made according to customer's samples or drawing.

Surface Treatment

On the basis of producing high quality magnetic materials, Sinoneo has been researching and developing update surface protection technology. Sinoneo can provide customers with high quality coatings and plating of Zinc, Tin, Nickle, Epoxy etc. 

During the process of coating and plating, Sinoneo attaches great importance to environment protection, all coating meet the requirements of ROHS and RECH.

Memrge etching timeWorking temperature
Spray test
Humid heat testPressure
Vessel test
Ni(Barrel plating)NiSliver102430048<200
Ni(rack plating)NiSliver10830048
NiCuNi(barrel plating)NiCuNiSliver107250048
NiCuNi(rack plating)NiCuNiSliver104850048
ZincWhite zincZnWhite Zinc42448/<170
Color zincCZn/ZnColor Zinc64848/
Chemical plating NiNiSilver129650048<200
Electrophoresis epoxyEpoxyBlack,grey1048-961200-24<130
ParyleneParyleneColorless and transparent12.7-25.4 microns
Meet the MIL-I-46058C standard

To offer you our magnets price, please offer the following details:

Magnets grade:From N35 To N50, from N Series to UH Series.
Magnets size:As the drawing
Magnetism direction:Which direction to oriented The north pole and south pole
Magnets coating:Nickel, Zn, Black Epoxy, AG, Au etc.
Quantities:More mass order quantities.More Lower the prices.Original factory.

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