Different areas of Colored Flexible Rubber Magnets

04/16 admin

"Colored Flexible Rubber Magnets" Isotropic rubber magnetism is weak, and Anisotropic rubber magnet with high magnetic features. Apply different working temperature and density, isotropic magnetic rubber is lower than Anisotropic Rubber magnetic density and temperature.

 Different application areas: isotropic rubber magnet is mainly used in refrigerator magnetic stickers, car stickers, printing products, and promotional supplies category. And Anisotropicl magnetic rubber, the large number of applications and preparation classification difference in micro-motors, computers, laser printers, copiers, and other areas of rubber magnetic magnetic toys, and in the formulation, we must first determine the species, size and amount of the magnetic powder. Next, determine the types of plastic should be used according to requirements, such as wear-resistant medicine made from natural rubber. In the process, before or after vulcanization Tim set magnetizing step required of other products that are not, to impart permanent magnetic products. Advantages before vulcanization magnetization direction of the external magnetic field is constant and rubber network more smoothly; post-cure by magnetizing poor, but the operation is more convenient. In short, the advantages and disadvantages.