FAQ of Flexible Magnets

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We've tried to make these pages complete. But you can always ask questions by email!


White Vinyl Magnet

Our white vinyl magnet is the same product used for fridge magnets and car signs. The 0.020" is mostly used for indoor applications, the 0.030" is best for car signs. The 0.060 is mostly used in industrial applications. The vinyl magnet can be decorated with acrylic paint or krylon spray paint.


Inkjet Magnet

Inkjet magnet will work in nearly all inkjet printers. If cardstock will go through your printer, chances are that it will work in your printer. We suggest purchasing a 10 pack for experimenting. INKJET MAGNET WILL NOT WORK IN LASER PRINTERS. Not intended for extended outdoor use.


Peel  Stick Magnet

Peel off the wax paper and you have a sticky surface to apply business cards, photos, prints or whatever. Can be cut to any shape.


Dry Erase Magnet

This is neat stuff - use it with dry erase markers for display and presentation projects.


Cutting Magnet

Our magnet can easily be cut with scissors or a craft knife. Use a straight edge for precisions.


Die Cutting

We have several dies in stock that can be used to precisely cut your magnet. Many square, round, oval and novelty shapes of various sizes. Custom dies can be made starting at $40 with 1 week lead time.


Custom Sizes

Roll stock can be cut to any size, please send specs for a quote.


Quantity Discounts

Five or more of any one product will qualify for a quantity discount. Quantity orders are quoted individually.


Shipping, Delivery Time

Normal delivery is by sea. Magnet is very heavy, but sea shipping is reasonable. If samples,delivery by express should be better. The delivery time is about 15~20 days for each order.



We sell most of our magnets in 12" x 24" sheets for as little as $5-$10 which are perfect for testing and prototypes. We can ship orders for these sheets using China post air mail service available. Free samples are limited to small pieces off the end of rolls which can fit into a standard envelope using China post air  Mail (snail mail). We can not provide cut to size or shape samples, nor can we expedite mailing for free samples. If you are requesting FREE SAMPLES please email us with exactly what magnet type you wish to see and give us your complete mailing address

Adhesive? Plain? Inkjet Printable? Vinyl? Dry Erase? What’s the difference in the different types of magnets? Read on!

Adhesive: Adhesive magnets have a paper liner on one side that conceals a very sticky adhesive black surface. The other side is plain black magnet. To use, peel off the paper liner covering the adhesive surface and attach your picture, graphic, craft etc. This product is not inkjet printable.

Plain: Plain magnet is just that, plain magnet. It is plain black on both sides with no adhesive or printable surface. For the 30 mil 8.5" x 11" sheets, only one side is magnetic.

Inkjet Printable: The 14 to 18 mil thickness of these products can be used in the vast majority of inkjet printers that pull the magnet straight through rather than bending it back over itself during the printing process. The thicker 20 to 24 mil inkjet printable products can be printed in most inkjet printers that pull the magnet straight through, but not all.

Please do not email us to ask if a certain product will work in the printer you have. Every single printer has different wear patterns and capabilities, so a question sent to us like this will go unanswered (sorry). We sell the products by the sheet or in sample packs in our ’samples and sample packs’ category if you would like to sample sheets to make sure they work with your printer. We do not send free samples for any reason.

The inkjet printable material is not suitable for outdoor use. It has no dry erase capabilities nor can it be used in a laser printer or copier.

Vinyl: The vinyl car sign magnets sheets can be used outdoors. These products are not inkjet or laser printable nor can they be run through a copier. They must be screen printed. Or, you can buy vinyl decals and lettering to add to the sheets instead of having them screen printed.