Filter Permanent Magnet


Neodymium Magnets Manufacturer Sinoneo Magnets 

Product Name: Strong Permanent Magnets / Strong Filtering Magnet/ Absorption of Engine Oil Dust/ Protection of Engines 
Size: Diameter 15mm x Thickness 3mm (using 5-6 pieces can reach more ideal effect) 
Magnetic Materials: Neodymium Magnet: 4500Gs (4500Gs is the maximum residual magnetism of the magnet, so magnet with more than 4500Gs is false) 
Color: Silver, as per the picture 


It can take place of poles of TX which is broken and it will never damage. 
If you want to hang something on the car, but you can’t find a hook. You can stick this disc magnet to any place of the headliners. 
Coins in boxes are out of order; this small neodymium permanent magnet can make them concentrated. 

It can protect the heart of the car and extend the lifespan of engines. 
It can extend the time of replace the lubricating oil and save money. 
The lubricating system of engines is perfect, which reduce the attrition of dynamic sides, with higher efficiency. It can directly gain the magnetizing engine oil. The function of magnetizing engine oil is that it is attracted to on the faces of attrition when the engines cool start. With good and lubrication and small attrition, NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet king can directly magnetize the engine oil and save money for buying magnetizing oil. 


When installing these neodymium disc magnets , you should avoid collision and absorption of these magnets, which will produce big impacts. (Closer is the distance, bigger is the suction. And this suction will make the magnets much closer and increase the suction. The moment when these two China NdFeB magnets collide with each other, acceleration will become big and the time is short. You can imagine how big the impact is.) 

Warm tips: 
Due to the strong magnetism, you should mind your hands when you pick it and install it. Sinoneo Magnets Co.,Ltd  also manufacture SmCo permanent magnets,Flexible Magnets,Magnetic Filter and so on magnets, if you are interested in such magnets, welcome to contact us.