Magnetic filter bar/grate For Food Processing – Indonesian Market


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Over the last few years, food processing industry in the world is on huge growth. Countries like India, Spain, Greece, Thailand, USA, Indonesia, Japan and many other are contributing at large scale in food industries.

From the last couple of years, we have seen a rapid growth in Indonesian market of food processing. The food industry is one of the most mature industry in Indonesia. Food sector plays the main role in Indonesian exports and the government is also promoting the food products of Indonesia continuously for the export business in USA, Canada and many different parts of the world’s.

Sinoneo Magnet is serving their magnetic filter/separator to the various flour mill in Indonesia. Cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan and many other cities of Indonesia have flour mills and our magnetic filter/separators is the first choice for their requirement in the Indonesian market.

We have specially developed high-quality magnetic filter/separator for food and beverage industry which remove the impurity like stone, metallic, glass pieces, mud balls, rat feces and other impurities etc., Our magnetic filter/separator is the most suitable  for rice, wheat, semolina, soybeans and many others grains. 

The flour mill of the Indonesian market like a grain mill, wheat mill, rice mill, corn mill and many other grain mills can take benefit of our magnetic destoner and many other magnetic separators in their plants to get the desired results.