12.7mm x 1mm thick with Self Adhesive Iron Rubber Magnet Strip

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  • Model: NEO-FS03
  • Price:
  • Country of Origin: China
  • MOQ: 5000M
  • Payment: T/T
  • Transportation: By Sea,By air

Product Description

1 metre of 12.7mm wide x 1mm thick Gloss White Ferrous Strip with Self Adhesive. This material is much more effective and easy to apply than magnetic paint.

This strip is held in place by the Self Adhesive face and has a maximum operating temperature of 71 degrees C. It quickly creates a magnetically attractive surface in places which were non magnetic before. Ideal for running a strip around a wall and then sticking neodymium fridge magnets to it to hold drawings and plans in place!

Ferrous strip has no magnetism but you can stick magnets to it. It has self adhesive on the back, making it easy to stick to walls and is available in cut pieces upto 30m long.

Technical Details

  • Ferrous Face: 12.7mm x running metre

  • Thickness: 1mm

  • Fixing: Self Adhesive