Gloss White Flexible Magnetic Sheet (610 wide x 0.85mm thick x Running Metre

We are a flexible magnetic material manufacturer,supply Matte White Flexible Magnetic Sheet (610 wide x 0.85mm thick x Running Metre,welcome to contact us.

  • Model: NEO-FS02
  • Price:
  • Productivity:: 50000 t/year
  • Country of Origin: China
  • MOQ: 1000M
  • Payment: T/T
  • Transportation: BY SEA,BY AIR

Magnetic Sheet which is a brown colour on the magnetic surface and coloured gloss on the front. These sheets are non - toxic and manufactured from environmentally friendly material to EN71. The sheet is compatible with solvent ink and UV ink so you can create eyecatching vehicle signs or simply write on them with marker or dry wipe pens. At 68ºF (20ºC), our high-quality magnetic material can be coiled to a 1/2" ( 12.7mm ) radius without cracking.

1 metre of 610mm wide x 0.85mm thick Gloss White Flexible Magnetic Sheet. The sheet is 0.85mm thick and is magnetised with a striped magnetic field ( 2mm pole pitch ) to give a secure grip on steel surfaces. These Magnets do not require any protective plating.

Shape: 610mm wide sheet
Magnetic Face: 610mm x running metre
Thickness: 0.85mm
Hardeness: Shore D35
Machinability: Cuts cleanly & easily
Density: 3.6g/cm3
Material: Rubber
Pull Force: 40g/cm2
Max Temp (degrees C): 71
Fixing: Magnetic Face

Each sheet has a pulling force of 40g/cm2 when in flush contact with a mild steel surface. These magnets are held in place by the Magnetic Face and have a maximum operating temperature of 71 degrees C.