Rubber magnet sheet

Sinoneo Magnets design & produce all types of flexible rubber Magnet sheet with supply from sea to seaport, air to airport looking at the requirement.

  • Model: NEO-F03
  • Price:
  • Productivity:: 1000 Tons/Year
  • Country of Origin: China
  • MOQ: Any quantities are avaible to order
  • Payment: Any quantities are avaible to order
  • Transportation: By sea to seaport,By air to airport,By air express
Rubber magnet sheet

Rubber magnet sheet  is produced with calendering process. It is normally used in office appliance, advertising, checking and testing meters etc. According to its magnetization method, it is divided into penetration magnetization and surface magnetization.(pole width 2,4,7mm or 12,7/6.4/3.6 poles per inch).

As with all magnetic materials ,performance is difficult to quantify without going into complex formula. We strive in this section to give rules of thumb and an appreciation of different materials which will help in the selection of magnets. Hands-on testing is definitely recommended(with papers/air gaps as necessary) to select the best magnet for the job.

Material Types of rubber magnet sheet


Max. Energy Product

a.       Isotropic/semi Anisotropic Ferrite


b.       Full Anisotropic Ferrite( High Energy Sheet)


c.       Neodymium Flexible Material


 Material Thickness of rubber magnet sheet

The popular thickness range of flexible magnet material is 0.4-1.5mm, but thicker material is available in high energy. The thicker the material the greater the pull. It is not in direct proportion, but the thicker the material the greater the pull increase. Eg:0.75mm thick material has a pull of 44 gram/cm3 and if proportional the 1.5mm thick material would be 88gram/cm3, but in fact it is actually far higher at 140 gram/cm3.

Typical Pull Characteristics:

Material Thickness(mm)

Pull (Gram/cm3)









Our rubber magnet sheets are flexible as well as versatile! Explore endless possibilities with us!
Rubber magnets have a great demand in the market, and are used in office appliances, for checking meters, advertising, as vehicle signs, display boards, bill boards and other commercial use.  

We deal with the best products of the industry. Our magnets are produced using calendaring process. Optimal manufacturing are maintained in order to instill the exact magnetization required.

Since our establishment in the flourishing area of River Yangtze Delta, we haven’t suffered a setback. Trading quality products at competitive prices has become the backbone of our business. We are extremely humble and are ready for sort of customization, when it comes to the demand of the customers.

Rubber magnets are available in sheets (pieces of various dimensions) and rolls. Place your order via phone call (+86-159-0650 8736) or email ( Leave all your product specification with our customer care executive. We assure you fast, safe and liability ridden shipping