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    NdFeB Magnets/Magnetic Filter
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Sinoneo Magnets  is a professional  manufacturer of  all kinds of magnets and magnetic assemblies in Suzhou,East China,with convenient transportation access offered by the nearby international air and sea ports.And it's in the flourishing economic area of the Yangze River Delta,the geographic position is superior.

With our high quality productscompetitive price and professional experience in magnet industry,we have export to North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Mid East, Oceania, Africa.

If you are looking for a high quality product,reasonable price and total magnetic solutions-engineering assistance,Sinoneo Magnets is your best choice.

Different areas of Colored Flexible Rubber Magnets
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Different areas of Colored Flexible Rubber Magnets

"Colored Flexible Rubber Magnets" Isotropic rubber magnetism is weak, and Anisotropic rubber magnet with high magnetic features. Apply different working temperature and density, isotropic ma

Become Gold Member of Made-In-China.com
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Become Gold Member of Made-In-China.com

We have become gold member of MADE-IN-CHINA.COM On July.20,2012,the website is:http://sinomagnet.en.made-in-china.com/, welcome to visit.

Rare earth NdFeB Magnets Price Increase Explanation
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Rare earth NdFeB Magnets Price Increase Explanation

Dear Valued Customer,You may already feel that recently our prices for Rare Earth NdFeB magnets have increased quickly and the validity of price is shortened.We understand this may have caused inconve

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SINONEO MAGNETS is specialized in designing, manufacturing and exporting neodymium magnets and permanent magnetic assemblies.Having expertise produced and designed magnetic products for more than 10 years.


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